Sustainably Addressing the Roots of Recidivism

Pennsylvania spent $620 million more on prisons than on higher education in 2014

3,000,000 American children have an incarcerated parent

70% of the current prison population were also the child of an incarcerated parent

FIT Farms enables success for parents returning from incarceration for non-violent offenses by providing access to mindfully-rooted Green STEAM training and living wage employment.

The FIT Vision

FIT Farms combines farming, making, mindful practice, and building for sustainable, entrepreneurial Green STEAM workforce development – beginning in Pittsburgh and mobilizing to cities across the United States.

FIT Farms vision is to utilize mindfully-rooted agriculture and maker training to realize 0% recidivism amongst our population.

Doing Business With FIT

FIT Farms aims to provide opportunity for economic gains within the immediate and surrounding communities in which it is located.  Our initiatives include but are not limited to local sourcing, diversity inclusion, social responsibility, community activism, education, and food/economic justice.

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American children have an incarcerated parent
PA Counties
FIT Program

Our Promise

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Psychological Support
  • Family Re-unification
  • Job access
  • Safer environment
  • Social community

Our Services

Workforce development solutions for the returning parent.

Holistic healing opportunities for program participants and the surrounding community.

Food justice for the Garfield section of Pittsburgh.

Recent Studies

University of Oxford

Yoga Can Improve Prisoners’ Mental Health

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Low Reincarceration Rate Associated with Yoga and Meditation

Harvard Medical School

Mindfulness Practice Leads to Increases in Regional Brain Gray Matter Density